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6 Free Tools to Enhance Your Marketing Strategy

Online marketing can be a bit daunting and overwhelming. After all, there is so much to do.

It seems like if you are not on top of everything, you are going to miss out on opportunities. That’s what makes managing the entire digital marketing landscape more difficult.

That’s when you need good tools to help you out. The right tools not only open new marketing opportunities for you but also makes you more efficient and productive.

Here are 6 free tools that may help enhance your marketing strategy.

1. Google Analytics

This one is a bit obvious, but we have to mention it nevertheless. If you are not using Google Analytics, you need to start right away.

Google Analytics is a free tool that allows you to track traffic and understand visitor behavior on your website. By giving you a deeper understanding of your audience and website visitors, Google Analytics opens doors for new marketing strategies and ideas to test.

For example, you can identify the most popular pages on your site in terms of traffic and engagement and then create more content similar to them. By tracking conversion goals, you can determine which marketing offers are making the most impact.

The possibilities are endless.

2. Google Alerts

Are you sure you are always on top of everything that is happening in your industry?

Searching through hundreds of news content is an option but following this manual path is inefficient and unproductive. Google Alerts automates this seemingly tedious process.

As the name implies, Google Alerts “alerts” or notifies you about anything you want. One prime example is to set up an alert for anytime someone mentions you or your business online.

This could be a backlink opportunity or a negative review.

Acting as soon as possible would be the key here, and Google Alerts can make sure that you receive an email as soon as it happens.

3. BuzzSumo

Although many interesting features of BuzzSumo are locked behind the paid plan, the free version is still excellent for content marketers.

BuzzSumo allows content marketers to quickly identify the type of content that is working best in an industry. Moreover, you can also identify the social channel that is best for sharing a particular type of content.

By using BuzzSumo, you can also identify industry influencers and open opportunities to create backlinks and acquire more social media shares.

If you rely heavily on content marketing, BuzzSumo is a very important tool for you.

4. Google Trends

Sometimes, jumping on a rising trend can be a dealmaker in online marketing. By identifying rising trends at the right time, you can establish yourself as an authority. Google Trends allows you to do that and more.

You can identify the hottest trends locally, regionally, and internationally. You can also search for specific topics, keywords, or industries over a certain period.

Depending on your marketing strategy, Google Trends can be a very crucial tool.

If you know what people are searching for the most, you can become more relevant. More importantly, if you know what people are going to search for in the near future, you can grab that corner of the internet and establish yourself in advance.

After all, the early bird gets the worm.

5. Google Insights

Your marketing strategy doesn’t end with campaigns. You also have to make sure that everything is perfectly optimized.

Google Insights give the necessary information to optimize your landing pages to ensure a higher conversion rate. Google Insights analyzes your web pages and identify the loading speed of the page requires any attention.

The best thing about Google Insights is the report that it generates. The report contains actionable steps that you need to take to improve and optimize the web page.

6. Buffer

If you are looking to automate social media sharing, Buffer is an excellent choice.

Buffer is a social media management tool that allows you to schedule social posts on different social media platforms. The reason why you need such a tool — instead of doing it manually — is that:

  1. It makes you more efficient and productive, and
  2. It allows you to identify patterns — the best day and time to post on different social channels.

You can use that information to strengthen your content and social media strategy, which will eventually improve the engagement rate.

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